Effective Altruism Retreats

EA London is announcing 3 back-to-back retreats that will happen in EA Hotel in Blackpool, North England:

Life Review Weekend (Aug. 24th - 27th)
Careers Week (Aug. 27th - 31st)
Holiday/EA Unconference (Aug. 31st - Sept. 3rd)

Price: £5 per day. Accommodation and vegan food is included.


All the events are targeted at people for whom making the world better is an important part of their lives. In addition, the careers week is targeted at those who have a major career decision coming up.

If that sounds like you, please apply here.

To help us plan, we ask you to apply even if you are unsure about whether you would attend. There is space for around 25 people.



When was the last time you put aside a couple of days to step back and take stock of your life? We will create a relaxed quiet space where everyone could work on it together, and provide resources to help you structure your weekend. There will also be another space for those who prefer a more collaborative and interactive approach. In either case, there will also be plenty of time for socialising during lunches and evenings.

Furthermore, there will be a Wellbeing & Mindfulness specialist who will lead an optional Mindfulness Meditation / CBT skills workshop. She will also be available for 1 on 1 mental health awareness sessions.


Five days of career workshops, life planning, and socialising. If you want to make a positive impact with your career but don’t yet know how, this is the place to be!

There will be workshops during the days that will provide you with a structure for finding an impactful career. We will walk you through the 80,000 Hours career guide, and include group discussions, individual work, and reading. Alternatively, we will provide you with space to work by yourself. In either case, there will be EA career coaches at your service, who will be able to provide advice and materials. Evenings will be dedicated to socialising and fun. We are still working on the exact schedule and we expect to update it during the week itself, based on your needs, feedback and intuitions about what would be most useful.


Is it a holiday? Is it an EA conference? No, it’s a holiday/EA Unconference!

Around 4 hours each day will be structured in the unconference style. We will start by all creating a schedule together. Everyone will be welcome to add sessions based on what they want to discuss, learn, teach, or collaborate on. Each session will have a facilitator and someone responsible for taking notes. If you don’t have one of these roles and become uninterested at any point, you’ll be welcome to leave and join another session, or take a break.

1 hour on each day will be dedicated to one on one conversations. You will be paired up with four people to talk 1-1 for 30 minutes in each pairing.

The rest of the time will be spent in holiday mode: hiking, board games, sports, beach, socialising, etc.