2018 April Newsletter

One of the best things we might be able to do for our own wellbeing is to have substantial conversations with others. Sometimes meandering chats are great but other times we want to delve deeper into a specific topic and explore different avenues within it.

To help you find others who want to have those conversations we’re aiming to connect people with similar interests using this form. This could be meeting once or twice a month and diving into global health, clean meat, bio-security or something else that may improve your understanding and help with decisions on donations, careers and research. CEA also has a post on why they think focusing on in-person interactions rather than mass media is a more effective strategy for spreading EA ideas.

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Recommended Event

Non Residential Retreat: Effective Altruism Weekend
When: Saturday & Sunday 26th-27th May
A weekend of workshops, lightning talks and socialising for people already familiar with effective altruism. The aim of the event is to help attendees to do more good by increasing your knowledge, skills and network.

Upcoming Events

Dinner: The Humane League Victory Celebration

When: Thursday 5th April 7 pm
THL is celebrating their most recent victory, getting the UK’s largest egg producer to pledge to go completely cage free by 2025. Volunteers, supporters or just interested individuals are all welcome to attend.

Social: Monthly Social

When: Tuesday 17th April 7 pm
Our regular monthly social to discuss all things about effectiveness or altruism, and sometimes both.

Hike: North Downs

When: Sunday 22nd April 1 pm
A hike for people who enjoy walking through countryside whilst talking about how we can do more good. Join the social group to find out about this and other social events.

Social: EA for Christians

When: Thursday 26th April 7 pm
Join us for the first ever Effective Altruism for Christians gathering in London!

Social: Do You Work in Finance?

When: Sunday 29th April
There will be an event for people working in the finance industry who also want to do good with their careers. If you’re interested in this event or being on a networking list for such events, email hello@ealondon.com.

Community News 

• Holly has written about 8 emotional challenges of altruism.

• Sam has written a 2017 donation plan and is looking for feedback on how to improve it.

• A group for healthcare professionals who want to leverage their careers to do more good.

Latest Jobs

• Several research analyst roles at Open Phil, potentially some of the highest impact jobs in the world.

• 4 roles at FHI, senior administrator (20th April), AI safety researcher (30th April), macro-strategy researcher (18th April), website and communications officer (6th April) and rolling internships.

• Community development associate at Founders Pledge.

• ACE with 4 remote roles, data analyst, two research positions and social media coordinator.

• Senior philanthropic associate at Veddis Philanthropy.

• Policy advisor in data ethics. Deadline 3rd April.

• 20+ operations roles at EA organisations.

• Remote assistant for staff at CEA.

• Research Officer at the Overseas Development Institute. Deadline 27th April.

• Philanthropy education programmes officer, training philanthropists on how to give. Deadline 23rd April.

• What Works Wellbeing have two roles in operations and communications. Deadline 29th April.

• Volunteering at Faunalytics.

• An AI summer fellowship with staff from MIRI and CFAR.

• Stay updated with new job openings and volunteering opportunities by signing up to EA Work Club and the 80,000 Hours job board. There is also an aggregator of openings at organisations recommended by 80,000 Hours.

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in depth, you can apply via this form.

Latest Research and Updates

• Holden, the executive director of Open Philanthropy, held an AMA about the open jobsavailable there.

• GiveDirectly announcing a new scheme to give cash to refugees.

• Ben Todd on why we shouldn’t rush into translating EA materials into other languages.

• 80,000 Hours with research on
• A new recommended career path: China specialist
• Why commercial law may not be the best option for direct impact or earning to give
• Why it’s a bad idea to break the rules, even for good
• Why we lie to ourselves about why we do what we do
• A podcast with a ML alignment researcher at DeepMind

• Our World in Data have a new dashboard to track progress on the sustainable development goals.

• A post on when we should focus on a project and when we should re-evaluate our overall goals.

• Clearer Thinking have a free course to help check for reasoning errors and improve productivity, judgment and creativity.

• FHI and Ought with a game testing your judgement

• ACE have a new quiz to help find out which animal charity best matches your values.