Effective Animal Advocacy reading suggestions

Created by Jamie Harris for Effective Animal Altruism London. Each list is ranked roughly in order of how I would encourage those new to Effective Animal Advocacy to prioritise reading them (original Google Doc).

Introductory materials:

Introductory reading lists to more complex topics:

Research organisations:

  • Animal Charity Evaluators (Evaluating charities and intervention types)

  • Sentience Institute (Various meta-level research for the EAA community)

  • Faunalytics (Summaries of external research affecting animal advocacy, some original research)

  • Open Philanthropy (The largest donors in the field, producing valuable research, though a relatively small proportion is focused on animals)

  • WAS Research (Wild Animal Suffering Research)

  • Animal Ethics (information on ethics, veganism and wild animal suffering)

  • Humane League Labs (Research wing of The Humane League)

  • AWA Lab (Nothing yet released)

Other resources:

  • Most animal charities conducting direct work offer newsletters and blogs which you can subscribe to. As one example, the Good Food Institute’s blog and newsletter are helpful for updates on clean meat. Subscribe to those focusing on interventions you are interested or involved in!

  • A variety of individuals within Effective Animal Altruism run their own blogs. E.g. see mine here.