May 2019 Newsletter

If you've ever wanted to start an impactful charity in global health or animal welfare, now might be the perfect opportunity. Charity Entrepreneurship are running their two month incubation program in London from June to August, with applications closing on the 15th of May. GiveWell and 80,000 Hours have both written on how having more charities effectively targeting impactful areas would be useful.

Charity Entrepreneurship provide the program cost, room & board, flights, seed funding, mentorship and ongoing support. The previous two charities founded, Charity Science Health and Fortify Health, have both received GiveWell incubation grants.

Read more and apply here


Giving What We Can 4000 members celebration! (Oxford)
 Saturday 4th May
A dinner reception to celebrate having over 4000 members who have taken the Pledge, join the GWWC Facebook group to find out more details or email

Monthly Picnic Social
When: Sunday 5th May
No structure - just come along and chat with others who are trying to do good, hopefully in the sun

Doing Good with Technology
When: Tuesday 7th May
A social event for people in software and tech to meet each other and think about ways to do more good with our skills, interests and networks. Also if you'd be interested in giving a lightning talk at one of these events email

Charter Cities Meetup
When: Thursday 9th May
The Center for Innovative Governance Research are holding a discussion about charter cities, effective altruism, and why they think they’ve identified the best way to lift ten million people out of poverty

EA Animal Social
When: Sunday 12th May
Come along to our next social to chat with others who are passionate about reducing animal suffering

Results UK - National Conference
When: 1st-3rd June
Talks and workshops on how to play your part in advocating for well spent international aid

Peter Singer and A.C.Grayling: Compassion in Politics (Waitlist)
 Sunday 7th June
Unfortunately this is already sold out, but you can join the waitlist for the panel discussion

EA Global London
When: 18th-20th October
EA Global London will take place this year near the Barbican. Applications will open later this year.

What Londoners are up to . . . 

• Elliot Jones has started a newsletter focusing on AI policy developments in the UK, including government, business, academia and NGOs

• Natalie Cargill, Wendy Harrison and Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh were on a panel discussing "Has effective altruism found the answer?" for Prism Fund

• A profile in the Economist on Demis Hassabis, founder of DeepMind

• Phil Hewinson writing up the process of going from an idea to a digital product that can help teachers save time

• Ben Dixon with a post on whether climate change deserves more attention within EA

• David Goldberg in Vox talking about how tech founders are pledging to give their money away

• Saulius Šimčikas with a report on fish stocking, the practise of farming fish to be released into the wild to increase catches


Julia Wise on how they felt conflicted about having children when it could impact how much could be donated.

"As a young person, I was extremely struck by the realization that my choice to donate or not meant the difference between someone else’s living and dying. A lot of decisions started to look very starkly wrong.

I remember telling my dad that I had decided it would be immoral for me to have children, because they would take too much of my time and money away from better causes. “It doesn't sound like this lifestyle is going to make you happy,” he said. 

“My happiness is not the point,” I told him.

A few years later, I was deeply bitter about the decision. I had always wanted and intended to be a parent, and I felt thwarted. It was making me sick and miserable. I looked at the rest of my life as more of an obligation than a joy.

So Jeff and I decided that it wasn't worth having a breakdown over...."  Read on

Latest Jobs
• Animal Charity Evaluators are hiring a remote research associate. Closing May 5th

• The government Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation are looking for a strategy and governance advisor as well as a policy advisor. Closing May 5th

• GiveDirectly are hiring a partnerships associate in the London office as well as various roles in Uganda, Malawi and Liberia

• The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk are looking for a research associate in Global Justice and Global Catastrophic Risk. Closes May 26th

• Founders Pledge are looking for a head of brand, programmes manager and researchers

• The Behavioural Insights team are looking for an advisor in international programmes and associate researchers. Closing May 6th

• Several roles at DeepMind and Deepmind Health, including brand managerCanada and EU/France government relations managers, diversity and inclusion coordinatorethics research scientist and ethics research intern

• 80,000 Hours job board with filters by location, problem area and role type. You can also sign up to their career coaching waitlist here

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in person, you can apply via this form

• There is also the EA London members directory with people in different careers who may be able to help advise

Latest Research and Updates
• A BBC article by Seth Baum on how global disasters can change the course of humanity 

• Inside Philanthropy on what critics of the Notre-Dame fundraising may be getting wrong

• 80,000 Hours with "career advice I wish I’d been given when I was young" from someone with a potentially high impact career

• Bill Gates on what areas are neglected when thinking about climate change

• Inside Philanthropy reporting on how philanthropy in China is increasing and where this money is going 

• CSER have published videos of 11 talks that were given at the 2018 Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk

• The World Economic Forum with a post visualising the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement now that 22 countries have ratified it

• WeWork have decided to set up an accelerator program to support early-stage sustainable food startups in clean and plant based meat as well as subsidise work space

• An interview with biologist Jon Mallett on the likelihood of invertebrate consciousness 

• GiveDirectly on how they solve the last mile payment challenge in Liberia

• A post in Brookings on the out sized focus on cash transfers in development

• A research fellow from Kings looking at whether Open Philanthropy Project will cause the biosecurity field to focus on the wrong risks

Organisation Updates
• Local Effective Altruism Network have launched the EA Hub, hoping to enable collaboration between people interested in EA

• GiveWell post on the process they use to allocate funds given to them for granting at their discretion

• Open Phil with an overview of 2018 and plans for 2019, having granted over $170 million last year

• The Life You Can Save with their annual report

• ACE with an analysis of their donor survey

• CSER have an overview of their ground zero art exhibition, as well as contributing to the EU High-Level Expert Group on AI ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI

• Peter Singer is also in Oxford debating whether it is immoral to be a billionaire, and in Durham talking about ethics and population in the 21st century

• Global Priorities Institute have Friday seminar events in Oxford including "How to Challenge Common-Sense Morality", "Intergenerational and intragenerational inequality and climate policy" and "Catastrophe aversion"

• Open Phil have made 25 grants so far this year, totalling almost $120 million, with recent grants including $4,000,000 for research into reproductive biology at Kyoto University, $17,500,000 for research on viral diagnostics, $2,000,000 on criminal justice reform and $1,700,000 on immigration reform

• ACE have granted $1,400,000 to 49 different animal focused charities

• The EA Long-Term Future Fund has granted $923,150, with their reasoning highlighted in this post

• The EA Meta Fund with $512,000 in grants to 10 projects

• The EA Animal Welfare Fund with $445,000 paid out to 6 projects

• TED has raised $280 million for 8 projects, including the END fund, which aims to deworm millions of people

• The Indian government has granted $640,000 to two institutions to research cell-based meat

• Charity Entrepreneurship with their top charity ideas for 2019

• A report on how there are now more people in Africa escaping extreme poverty than falling back or being born into it, although this reduction could be much faster

• Thoughts on 80,000 hours careers advice, looking at how people may undervalue impactful roles outside EA organisations

• The Alan Turing institute with a report on how AI might affect the global financial industry

• The Humane League Labs on how ranking advocacy strategies can mislead

• Our World in Data tracking the progress in reducing child mortality around the world over the last 30 years

• Coverage of a new trial being rolled out in Malawi for a malaria vaccine

• An interview with the founders of OpenAI and their shift from nonprofit to limited partnership

• How warning people off drinking tainted drinking water may have resulted in more harm

• The Future of Life Institute will give its annual award to Matthew Meselson, who led the campaign against bio-weapons 50 years ago

• How humanity’s idea of who deserves moral concern has grown and may keep growing

• Tom Kalil on 80,000 Hours discussing how to have impact in government based on 16 years experience in the White House

• Bryan Caplan on the Harvard EA podcast

• Persis Eskander on 80,000 Hours looking at what, if anything, we should do about animals that suffer in the wild?

• Mission Daily interviewing Will MacAskillElie Hassenfeld and Rob Wiblin

• 80,000 Hours with the team trying to end poverty by founding well-governed ‘charter’ cities

Effective altruism in media & blogs
• Fast Company asking whether you should donate to animal shelters or elsewhere if you care about animals

• The Spin Off looking at EA New Zealand and the history of EA

• A look at Yale EA society from the New Journal

Good news roundup
• After trialling the impossible whopper at 59 Burger King locations in early April, they have announced that they will expand it to all 7000+ locations across America