January 2019 Newsletter

January can be a good time for reflection. How did you make progress on your altruistic goals last year (e.g. through your career, side projects or donations)? How could you have made more progress? What risks and opportunities do you see in 2019 and how might you navigate them?


Doing Good with Technology
When: Thursday 10th January
An event for people in software and tech to meet each other and think about ways we could do more good with our skills, interests and networks

Creating AI Strategy Career Funnels
 Friday 11th January
An event to discuss how we can create AI strategy and policy career funnels in London, if this is an area you work in contact us at hello@ealondon.com

Monthly Social
When: Tuesday 15th January
No structure - just come along and chat with others who are trying to do good, more details in the social group

Effective Animal Advocacy
When: Saturday 19th January
Come along to our next social to chat with others who are passionate about reducing animal suffering

International Development and Donations
 Sunday 20th January 
Discussing donations option in international development with people who work or study in this area, join the group to find out more details


• Kimberley has co-edited a book exploring non-animal approaches set to replace animal use in science, including a foreword from Peter Singer

• Sjir has written a report on potential interventions for increasing women's empowerment. They also appeared on a Life You Can Save podcast, talking about Founders Pledge

• Liv has written for Vox on how to make better decisions 

• Phil with a in depth post about building a chatbot to protect people from malaria

• Gavin has a post about why people with different worldviews might decide to prioritise existential risk reduction

• Hauke and John have a detailed post on why impact investing may not be as good as donating to charity

• Charlotte has written an overview of the EU Commissions new coordinated plan on AI, including a projected aim of €20 billion in funding by 2020

• Rossa was presenting their paper at the inaugural Yale RISE conference, which focuses on the science behind scaling up policy interventions. Also a twitter overview of the conference

• Jamie with a review of EA Global 2018 and of the book "The End of Animal Farming"

• Michael has written up a cause profile on mental health with potential donation and career suggestions 

• Sanjay and Adam both won prizes for their posts on the EA Forum last month, Sanjay writing about "Why we have over-rated Cool Earth" and Adam with a report on their 2017 donor lottery donations

• If you're interested in co-working with other Londoners interested in EA, then there is a FB group for coordinating that here

Latest Jobs

• Wave are hiring a software engineer (remote/Senegal), full stack developer (remote) and UK Growth (no past experience required)

• Founders Pledge are looking for an events coordinator

• Postdoctoral researcher to work on the project 'Trust and Transparency in AI' for CFI in Cambridge. Closes 31st January

• GPI are looking for an economics PhD holder for postdoctoral research and senior research positions, based in Oxford. Closes on the 14th of January

• Veddis are looking for a head of research (India)

• Our World in Data are looking for researchers

• Several operational roles at Charity Science Health, based in Delhi

• DeepMind are looking for a games programmergameplay engineerresearch scientistresearch engineersoftware engineer (security)people and culture partnerlearning partnerprogram managerperformance engineering intern and operations analyst

• There are also roles in DeepMind Health - looking at improving healthcare with new technologies - clinical safety officerdevops engineeriOS engineer

• A PhD studentship in quantum cognition research, closes April

• The Center for Global Development are looking for a research assistant, focusing on data and econometrics for global education

• Element AI are hiring data scientists and research engineers focusing on using AI for humanitarian, environmental and societal projects

• 80,000 Hours job board with filters by location, problem area and role type. You can also sign up to their career coaching waitlist here

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in person, you can apply via this form

• There is also the EA London members directory with people in different careers who may be able to help advise

Latest Research and Updates

• There is a new organisation called the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research, their main mission is to complement the Global Priorities Institute by promoting academic work that addresses the question of how to use our resources to improve the world by as much as possible

• Research from the Forethought Foundation examining past events that have had very long-run influence, including the rise of early Christianity and Confucius vs Mozi

• Rob has put together a google doc listing various fundraising and annual review posts by effective altruism related organisations

• 80,000 Hours interview with the chief economist at DFID, looking at if it's possible to fund a year of education for 30 cents, the right balance of RCTs and how much we can generalise from studies

• More evidence that unconditional cash transfers are impactful, as well as more governments starting to roll out their own cash transfer programmes

• The donor lottery for 2018 is live, closes on January 10th

• Lessons learnt from a prospective alternative meat startup team

• The management teams for the animal welfarelong-term future and EA meta funds all took part in AMAs last month

• An overview of the AI safety landscape in 2018 and potential places to donate

• A post on why giving more might not make you happier

• An overview of donation data from the 2017 EA survey

• 80,000 Hours podcast on how we could feed the world after a nuclear winter

• A post on which animals might need the most help from animal advocacy

• A transcript of the closing talk given by Will MacAskill from EA Global 2018: San Francisco - Why should effective altruists embrace uncertainty?

 • Open Phil made 11 grants in November, with $5.5 million for criminal justice reform, $2.2 million for farm animal welfare, $1.9 million for bio-security and $1.1 million in AI Safety

• The EA Hotel is fundraising

• A potentially useful checklist from Rob Wiblin on overcoming life and career setbacks

• A visualisation from GFI with over 100 organisations in the new protein space

• Open Phil have a new calibration tool that may help you become more accurate

• Clearer Thinking have a quiz to help you work out what causes might be a good fit for your values. They also have a game to see if you can determine if an intervention had a positive or negative impact

• A Vox explainer of the "vulnerable world hypothesis" by Nick Bostrom

• Emergent ventures with their second cohort of winners

• Open Philanthropy with an overview of how you can do the most good for animals

• Effective altruism in media & blogs - Ollie from Effective Giving with an overview of EA for Philanthropy in Focus, a piece on what Superman could learn from Peter Singer and Will MacAskill talking about the five best books on effective altruism

• In a good news roundup, there were no coups in 2018, the world's first no-kill eggs go on sale, FGM rates in east Africa have dropped from 71% in 1995 to under 10%PEPFAR was reauthorised, the UN has committed to using cash assistance during global crises and Vox looking at four ways the world got better in 2018