September 2018 Newsletter

We have a new members directory with people who would be happy for you to reach out to them to ask relevant questions about their careers or to arrange a 1-1 chat. 

If you are looking to give back via mentoring someone, answer questions about your career, meet up with those in the same field, provide emotional support, find an accountability buddy or just want to discuss effective altruism then you can add yourself via this form.   


Talk/Q&A: The End of Animal Farming
When: Wednesday 12th September

Jacy Reese will outline an evidence-based road map to a humane, ethical, efficient food system where slaughterhouses are obsolete

Discussion: The Limits of RCTs
When: Saturday 15th September

A discussion on whether impact evaluation is distracting us from more important issues, such as national economic reforms that can’t be tested in randomised controlled trials

Social: Monthly Social
When: Tuesday 18th September

No theme/structure - just come along and chat with others who are trying to do good, more details in the social group

Discussion: The End of Animal Farming
When: Thursday 20th September

Following on from Jacy Reese's talk we will be having a discussion group about the same topic

Meetup: Peer Support
When: Saturday 29th September

A group for members of the EA community in London who wish to seek/give support amongst each other regarding emotional challenges

Conference: EA Global
When: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October

The goal of EA Global is to increase attendees’ knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to do the most good possible


• Kirsten has looked into the data to see if men are more likely than women to attend EA London events

• Denise, Holly and Jamie have written down their EA "origin stories"

• Richard has written about what might happen if the electricity grid fails for multiple weeks, following on from the APPG for Future Generations on 'Black Sky Events'

• Henry S has made "awesome effective altruism" - a curated list of EA resources

• Henry C has written up 61 thoughts after reading Jacy Reese’s new book, The End of Animal Farming

• Saulius has written about the use of fish as live bait as a potential cause area

Latest Jobs

• ACE are looking for an executive director

• Against Malaria Foundation are hiring a data analyst. Closes 30th September

• Development Media International are hiring 5 people in London. Finance officersenior programme managerprogramme managerbusiness development and project development. All closing on 30th September

• Founders Pledge are looking for a community manager

• Deepmind are looking for 10+ positions, including science writerresearch scientistresearch engineerinformation governance managerpeople and culture partnerdata solutionssupport managerprogram manager and operations analyst

• Deepmind also has a 2019 PhD internship program, closing on 29th October

• Two postdoctoral research associate positions at CSER. Extreme technological risk and bio-risk projects. Closes 16th September

• Head of research operations & operations specialist (temp) at the Global Priorities Institute. Closing late September

• The Good Food Institute are looking for a freelance scientist (remote) for contract work

• Animal Ethics are hiring a management and research assistant. Closes 30th September

• Programme director at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence (Cambridge). Closes 19th September

• Digital charter fellowship at the Alan Turing Institute. Closes 9th September

• 80,000 Hours job board with filters by location, problem area and role type

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in person, you can apply via

Latest Research and Updates

• If you want to volunteer at EAG London, here is the link to apply

• Joey writing up their concerns with cause representation within the EA movement

• An update from CEA about the focus on community building and their views on representation of different causes

• An update about improvements to the EA funds and responses to problems raised by the community

• ACE has a new effective animal advocacy fund that will distribute donations to charities that they think could be impactful

• The videos from EAG SF are being added to YouTube, including the opening speech from Will MacAskill

• A website that uses data visualisation to depict the decline of extreme poverty as well as whether the world is on track to end extreme poverty by 2030

• MIT & J-PAL are offering a free micromasters program in data, economics, and development policy

• Wild Animal Suffering - Research have launched a small scale grants competition with $35,000 to disburse

• A yearly update on Students for High-Impact Charity

• An RCT suggesting if you're unsure whether to quit your job, you probably should

• Our World In Data have produced six slide decks to help teachers and lecturers keep their students updated on the current state of the world, looking at extreme poverty, population growth and education

• Peter Singer responds to international aid criticisms

• 80,000 Hours talking to an Open Phil researcher on the effectiveness of prisons and how to become a 'gold standard' researcher 

• Spencer Greenberg talking about how much we should change our beliefs based on new evidence

• Katja Grace talking about how hard it is to predict future technologies

• EA Singapore had their first conference, to check out the programme, see here

• In a good news round up, the April Ebola outbreak in the Congo has been extinguished