August 2018 Newsletter

We have 3 back-to-back retreats that will happen in EA Hotel in Blackpool at the end of August:

Life Review Weekend (Aug. 25th - 26th)
Careers Week (Aug. 27th - 31st)
Holiday/EA Unconference (Sept. 1st - 2nd). 

All the events are targeted at people for whom making the world better is an important part of their lives. In addition, the careers week is targeted at those who have a major career decision coming up. If that sounds like you, read more about it here and please apply below.

Apply here


Meetup: Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon
When: Saturday 4th August

Working together to write a summary for the Wikipedia article on Doing Good Better

Animal Social: Ending Speciesism
When: Saturday 4th August

Come along to socialise with friendly people who are passionate about reducing animal suffering

Hike: Ivinghoe Beacon
When: Sunday 5th August

13 km of hiking with other altruistically minded people

Social: Monthly Social
When: Tuesday 21st August

No theme/structure - just come along and chat with others who are trying to do good, more details in the social group

Retreat: Life Review Weekend
When: Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th August

We will create a relaxed quiet space where we can take stock of our lives and plan our next steps. There will be a wellbeing specialist who will lead an optional mindfulness meditation/CBT skills workshop as well as 1-1s

Retreat: Careers Week
When: Monday 27th - Friday 31st August

Five days of career workshops, life planning, and socialising

Retreat: Unconference
When: Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd September

Around 4 hours each day will be structured in the unconference style. Everyone will be welcome to add sessions based on what they want to discuss, learn, teach, or collaborate on

Workshop: Effective Animal Advocacy Training
When: Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd September

Two-day training led by Dr. Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert aiming to increase the impact of advocates and to provide tools to increase their organisations effectiveness

Talk/Q&A: The End of Animal Farming
When: Wednesday 12th September

Jacy Reese will outline an evidence-based road map to a humane, ethical, efficient food system where slaughterhouses are obsolete

Conference: EA Global
When: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October

The goal of EA Global is to increase attendees’ knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to do the most good possible


 • We have a new members directory with people who would be happy for you to reach out to them to ask relevant questions about their careers or to arrange a 1-1 or become an accountability buddy. If you want to be on the directory as well, you can add yourself via this form

• James was on the 80,000 hours podcast talking about his work at GiveWell and what areas they may be looking into in the future

• Holly with a proposed system for accountability buddies

• Adam M writing about how saving lives is more costly than they thought 

• Maja is looking for others at Queen Mary who would be interested in setting up an EA society there

• Adam B is looking for others who might be interested in a systems management reading group with a view to improving government or other organisations (email for more info)

Latest Jobs

• CEA are looking for a research assistant to work with Dr. Toby Ord on his book about existential risk. Closes 3rd August

• Founders Pledge are looking for a community manager and an executive assistant

• Deepmind are looking for 10+ positions, including research scientistresearch engineerinformation governance managercompensation analystpeople and culture partnerdata solutionssupport managerprogram manageroperations analyst

• Deepmind also has a 2019 PhD internship program, closing on 29th October

• are looking for two staff writers and an engagement manager to focus on covering news related to effective altruism. Closes 30th July

• Research roles at GiveWell (California)

• Programme and operations manager at DFID, closes 30th July

• Four roles at Ought in California, including web developer, researcher and COO

• GFI are looking for two remote roles, a team expansion leader (20th August) and development assistant (13th August)

• Global Priorities Institute have a summer research visitors programme, open for PhD students and early career researchers. Closes 31st July

• Charity Entrepreneurship have an outreach internship for people based in the UK. Closes July 30th

• Animal Ethics have remote internship opportunities  with various projects available, closes 20th August

• Volunteer with AidGrade who aim to improve the effectiveness of international development

• 80,000 Hours job board with filters by location, problem area and role type

• A list of remote volunteering opportunities

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in person, you can apply via this form

Latest Research and Updates

• Development Media International have a new RCT that suggests their mass media campaign is one of the most cost effective ways of saving children's lives, $7 to $27 per DALY. Paper here

• Founders Pledge have released research on effective climate change charities with two new recommendations, the Clean Air Task Force and Coalition for Rainforest Nations

• GiveWell have announced Zusha! Road Safety Campaign as a new standout charity

• 80,000 Hours talking to professor Yew-Kwang Ng about happiness, economics, China, animal suffering and climate change

• Tanya Singh talking to 80k on what it's like to work in operations and how to know if you're a good fit

• The Mercatus centre has launched Emergent Ventures, a new fellowship and grant program for entrepreneurs to jump start high-risk, high-reward ideas that advance prosperity, opportunity, and well-being

• Our World In Data with a new presentation on global education progress

• What Works Wellbeing have a free conference in September that brings together expert knowledge from policy, practice and research

• Positly wants to improve the speed, quality and affordability of research. They want to help EA organisations, founders and individuals to conduct efficient academic or market research and would be happy for you to reach out to them if this sounds like something you would use

• Brad Hurley, from The Life You Can Save, looking at which charities you could give to if you are concerned about population growth

• In a good news round up, Ethiopia and Eritrea declare peace, Paraguay has eliminated malaria and Ghana eliminates trachoma