July 2018 Newsletter

Applications are now open for EA Global. In October over 400 people are meeting up, learning and discussing how we can have a bigger impact as a community. Here is a review from the perspective of someone in animal advocacy who went to EAG London last year. 

Apply here

Read below for more events and links to the latest research, jobs and updates.


(Reworked) Monthly Social
When: Tuesday 17th July

No theme/structure - just come along and chat about whatever you want with others who are trying to do the most good they can in a rational, evidence-based way.

Meetup: EA for Christians
When: Thursday 19th July

Following the success of the first effective altruism for Christians meet-up in London, another is being hosted.

Social: Newcomer Social
When: Saturday 21st July

For people who are new to the ideas of effective altruism, or who have known about it for a while but haven't met others with similar views in person yet.

Discussion: Productive Disagreements
When: Tuesday 24th July

We are going to explore an interactive format for having more productive and informative disagreements.

Workshop: Getting (More) Involved
When: Saturday 28th July

This session will explore the various ways that you can apply EA to different areas of your life.

Discussion: Peer Support
When: Sunday 29th July

For members of the Effective Altruism community in London who wish to seek/give support amongst each other regarding emotional challenges. Email holly@ealondon.com for more details.

Workshop: Effective Animal Advocacy Training
When: Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd September

Two-day training led by Dr. Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert aiming to increase the impact of advocates and to provide tools to increase their organisations effectiveness.

Conference: EA Global
When: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October

The goal of EA Global is to increase attendees’ knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to do the most good possible.

What Londoners are up to . . . 

• Greg has opened up the EA hotel in Blackpool with free accommodation.

• Saulius has written up lessons learnt from the EA London weekend.

• Victoria discussing AI safety on a Future of Life Institute podcast. 

• Henry has created a visualisation showing the importance of donation choice when donating to animal charities.

Latest Jobs

• Charity Entrepreneurship have a 2 month programme for people looking to start a high impact charity. The are also have an outreach internship for people based in the UK.

• CEA are looking for various roles including community specialist, executive assistant to the CEO and a UK operations manager. Closes 6th July.

• FHI are looking for up to 6 researchers for their research scholar programme. Significant research experience is not required. Closes 11th July.

• Research roles at GiveWell (remote).

• Volunteer with AidGrade who aim to improve the effectiveness of international development.

• UK policy advisor - national risk assessment in the Cabinet Office. Closes 22nd July.

• What Works Wellbeing are looking for a trustee.

• Various manager and director roles at Evidence Action (non UK).

• Researcher at ODI. Closes 6th July.

• 80,000 Hours job board with filters by location, problem area and role type.

• A list of remote volunteering opportunities.

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in person, you can apply via this form.

Latest Research and Updates

• GiveDirectly are launching in Liberia.

• Our World in Data have released a progress tracker for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which goes into country level detail.

• 80,000 Hours with an advanced reading list for people who have already read the career guide.

• Tara Mac Aulay talking to 80k about what people misunderstand about operations work and how to work out if ops will be a good fit for you.

• The Cellular Agriculture Society has launched, aiming to help coordinate and create a movement for clean meat.

• Max Roser on Bill Gate's blog talking about the 3 facts everyone should know.

• A psychological and marketing look at why donors tend to act on emotion rather than logic. Abstract here.

• Research suggesting people should signal their large good deeds rather than small ones, and should promote causes rather than individual actions.

• Researchers from Yale are looking for participants for their study into moral emotions and attitudes. There is compensation and a chance to earn donations for EA funds.

• A post on wellbeing and impostor syndrome within effective altruism. 

• A second AI safety camp has been announced for October. There is also an AI summer school with registration closing July 14th.

• GFI announce their first conference in California in early September.

• ACE with an overview of effective and ethical marketing practices.

• Lynette is offering discounted coaching for people who want to be more productive and focused.

• A new cause prioritisation wiki.