June 2018 Newsletter

As the EA community has grown globally and in London, it is becoming more useful to have deeper conversations with those in similar fields or who care about the same causes.

In London we have a directory of sub-communities that may have more events you want to go to or updates that are relevant to your interests. If there is a group you would like to see that isn't there, then let us know at hello@ealondon.com


Strategy: Effective Altruism London
When: Sunday 3rd June

If you want to get involved in discussing EA London plans for the rest of the year then send us an email at hello@ealondon.com for more details.

Talk: Infrastructure Resiliance:What Happens When the Grid Goes Down
When: Tuesday 5th June

Julius Weitzdörfer from CSER will be speaking. Click the above link to find a contact email to reserve a place.

Discussion: 80,000 Hour Podcasts
 Sunday 10th June
Group discussion on the latest episodes from 80k to delve into questions raised.

Do-a-thon: Charity Analysis
 Saturday 16th June
An overview of how to analyse charities followed by going ahead and analysing a few.

Hike: Box Hill
 Sunday 17th June
13 km of hiking with other altruistically minded people. Join the social group to find out about this and other events including a Derek Parfit photography talk, board games and swing dancing.

Social: Monthly Social
 Tuesday 19th June
Our regular monthly social to discuss all things about effectiveness or altruism, and sometimes both.

Social: Effective Animal Advocacy Social
 Saturday 30th June
The theme this month is effective volunteering.

What Londoners are up to . . . 

• Michael Plant has written up an interesting post-mortem on how he spent two years trying and failing to start a happiness related startup

• You can hear snippets of Holly, Kirsten and Sanjay on Radio 4, speaking to Giles Fraser about effective altruism when he came to one of our monthly socials

• Wade has written in The Economist about effective altruism and Aveek has reviewed The Case Against Education which is covered in a recent 80k podcast.


• CEA are looking for various roles including events people, an accountant (remote), executive assistant to the CEO and a UK operations manager (both Oxford)

• Senior Analyst at Effective Giving, working with Natalie Cargill and Liv Boeree to help launch the UK project.

• Summer research visitor programme at Global Priorities Institute

• Director of research at ACE (remote). ACE are also looking for a data analyst (part time and remote)

• Research assistant (part time/remote) at Faunalytics. Closes 15th June

• Researcher roles (remote) at FRI

• Charity Science Health have internships (remote) for people who want to gain skills in building charity startups

• Operations programme manager (remote) at New Incentives, a GiveWell seeded charity

• Our World in Data are looking for two software developers (closes 4th July) and a part time admin/finance person (closes 15th June). All three in Oxford

• Senior philanthropic associate at Veddis Philanthropy

• Programme officer with SCI at Imperial College London. Closes 10th June

• Data science and AI Ethics fellow & research assistant roles at the Alan Turing Institute. Closes 6th June

• Researcher at The Overseas Development Institute

• Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative is building a roster of contractors for a variety of work

• 80,000 Hours have a new job board with filters by location, problem area and role type

• A new list of remote volunteering opportunities

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in depth, you can apply via this form


• Why founding charities could be one of the highest impact things you do

• (Related to the above). Why people in the EA community might be particularly good at starting a charity

• For GWWC members, your pledge data has been shifted over to effectivealtruism.org, which you can see if you have an account set up

• Givewell with a review of 2017 and plans for 2018

• An updated online course from Peter Singer on effective altruism

• A fun online game to learn about network science, group think and the spread of complex ideas

• The Centre for the Future of Intelligence on the House of Lords AI report

• A new monthly newsletter highlighting effective animal advocacy news and research

• A post on how to have better disagreements

• A review of effective thesis, helping students to find impactful topics for their dissertations

• Clearer thinking with a study into what intrinsic values people have in the EA community

• David Reinstein has created a database of the giving incentives (matching/payroll giving) for firms in the FTSE 100

• 80,000 Hours with five interesting podcasts;

   • Eva Vivalt talking about flaws in RCTs and biases of policy makers and academics

   • Bryan Caplan on why we should spend less money on education

   • Allan Dafoe on preparing for the possibility that AI will destabilise global politics

   • Anders Sandberg twice, part 1 solving the Fermi Paradox and part 2 on nuclear risks