May 2018 Newsletter

The 2018 Global EA Survey is here so please join in and have your say, help the community better understand our actions, values and ideas as well as provide feedback on issues you care about.

You can see the results from the 2017 survey with information on the beliefs, cause preferences and demographics of the EA community (of the people who took the survey).

>>Click Here to take the 2018 survey now (10-20 minutes)



Retreat: Effective Altruism Weekend
When: Saturday & Sunday 26th-27th May
A weekend of activities for people already familiar with the basics of Effective Altruism. The aim of this (non-residential) retreat is to help you to do more good by building more skills, knowledge and friendships


Talk: Doing Good Better – Founders Pledge  
When: Tuesday 8th May
Find out what has mobilised 1200 founders in 30 countries to commit over $430 million to good over the last 3 years with CEO David Goldberg.

Social: Monthly Social
When: Tuesday 15th May
Our regular informal monthly social to discuss all things about effectiveness or altruism, and sometimes both.

Discussion: Clean Meat
When: Saturday 19th May
Come along to discuss what may be the most promising intervention for reducing animal suffering.

Talk: Pro Veg – the internationalisation of advocacy  
When: Thursday 31st May
Find out about their rapid expansion across the globe, and how the animal advocacy movement could think about different countries, join the group to find out more details.

Strategy: Effective Altruism London
When: Sunday 3rd June
If you want to get involved in discussing EA London plans for the next year then send us an email at for more details.



• Harald has written a useful summary of how to increase donations by being aware of UK tax rules.

• Michael Plant is giving a talk on how we may be getting happiness wrong on the 7th of May.

• Here is a directory of EA communities in London if you want to meet people in the same career, who care about similar causes or to socialise. For example, this month people are arranging a discussion group, meditation and visiting an exhibition on the photographs of Derek Parfit.

Latest Jobs

• Researcher at Open Philanthropy. Closes May 6th. Ajeya has written a post on what it’s like to work there, what kind of work they do and the job requirements.

• Senior Partnerships and Business Development for GiveDirectly in London.

• Head of Evidence and Analysis at What Works Wellbeing. Closes May 6th.

• Researcher (remote) at Sentience Institute. Closes May 31st.

• Project Coordinator for the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium at Imperial. Closes May 6th.

• Data Analyst (remote & part time) for Animal Charity Evaluators.

• Consumer research internships (remote) at Good Food Institute.

• Stay updated with new job openings and volunteering opportunities by signing up to EA Work Club, the 80,000 Hours job board and the EA Job Postings Group.

• If you want to meet up and discuss career options in depth, you can apply via this form.

Latest Research and Updates

• CEA with a post on their current thinking and also their model of how to build a community.

• The 2nd edition of the effective altruism handbook is now available for free in PDF and e-reader formats.

• A more in depth look at comparative advantage in the EA community.

• 80,000 Hours with a podcast on careers that can prevent catastrophic biological risks.

• Our World in Data with an update on how the world is doing in it’s fight against disease.

• LessWrong have announced the latest winners and details of the next round of the AI alignment prize.

• Gapminder have a new quiz to see if your 2018 knowledge of the world is up to date.