January 2018 Newsletter

This is the time of year that many people take the Giving What We Can pledge to donate 10% of their income to the most impactful organisations they can find. One of the most interesting tools is the “How Rich Am I Calculator” that compares our income to others in the world and has inspired many people to think about giving more.

Here is an article in the Guardian, with Grayden, Emily and Kat discussing why they decided to give 10%+ of their income to charity.

318 people took the pledge over the holidays last year, and GWWC is running a pledge drive again this year. That said, there are some who probably shouldn’t take it, here is a post that goes over reasons to take the pledge and 3 possible reasons not to.

Click here to take the pledge. If you aren’t sure, you can take it for one year or try giving 1% and see how you feel in a years time. We also have some events coming up, lots of updates and some potentially high impact jobs, so skim below and happy new year.



Debate: Cause Battle!
When: Monday 29th January 6.30 pm
Where: The Sir Christopher Hatton, EC1N 7RA
We’re hoping to provide some food-for-thought about cause areas through debate between people who have thought about these areas in depth. When we held a similar event at the EA London retreat quite a few people updated their beliefs on top causes.



Social: Animal Social: Goals and Aspirations
 Saturday 13th January 3 pm
Where: Tibits, W1B 4DA

Socialise with friendly people who are interested in reducing animal suffering.

Social: Monthly Social
When: Tuesday 16th January 7 pm
Where: The Sir Christopher Hatton, EC1N 7RA

The theme this month is the Giving What We Can 10% pledge, newcomers are always welcome and many different topics are discussed.

Social: Effective Education Social
When: Saturday 20th January 6 pm
Where: Benugo (Warehouse), E1 1LD

A social meetup for people who are interested in education and effective altruism.  

Talk: Veganuary: an Effective Charity?
When: Saturday 27th January 2.30 pm
Where: Room 2.18, Chadwick Building, Gower Street

The founder of Veganuary making the case for why it could be an effective animal charity. Including tables with people from ACE, The Humane League, Open Cages and Animal Equality.

Talk: The Humane League
When: Monday 29th January 6.30 pm
Where: Room B03, Drayton House, WC1 0AN

This talk will be posted on the Facebook page of UCL once it is confirmed, join to be notified.


What Londoners are up to . . .

  • Greg is offering 9 members of the EA community free accommodation and board in Blackpool for up to 2 years to work on their own EA projects. He is also looking to recruit a Hotel Manager. More details here.
  • Michael with a post on what makes a high impact start up.
  • A group for Londoners who work in journalism/media and have an interest in effective altruism.


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