December 2017 Newsletter

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday have all been and gone but there are some new giving opportunities for effective donors. GiveWell and ACE have released lists of top charities, with two new global health charity recommendations and three new standout animal charities.

You may want to check out EA Funds which allows you to donate to expert-curated funds and to individual charities and get just one tax deductible receipt. As well as giving cheerfully this December skim below for more events and updates.



Talk: Decision Making in Global Health
When: Monday 11th December 6 pm
Where: Physics A1/3 LT, UCL, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT

Gerard Abou-Jaoude will introduce the TB model developed at UCL which fits into an optimisation algorithm to create Optima-TB. Examples of how data is used to inform the model, results from pilot country studies, and how these are used to inform policy-making will all be covered.



Discussion: Impactful Careers
When: Monday 4th December 6 pm
Where: LT Huxley 340, 180 Queen’s Gate, Imperial College, SW7 2AZ

Work out how to find a fulfilling, high-impact career in this free, research-backed workshop.

Talk: Animal Equality
When: Tuesday 5th December 6.30 pm
Where: Room 3.04, Clement House, 265 Strand, WC2R 1DH

A talk about research-backed interventions and using virtual reality to change behaviours.

Work Party: The Humane League
When: Thursday 7th December 7.00 pm
Where: Room TBC, LSE, WC2R 1DH

A volunteering session for people interested in animal advocacy.

Social: Non Pub SocialWhen: Friday 8th December 6.30 pm
Where: The National Cafe at the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square
A social not in a pub. Bring any questions you may have about how to effectively make a positive difference to the world.

Discussion: Effective EducationWhen: Saturday 9th December 1 pm
Where: Benugo Whitechapel, 33 Commercial Road, E1 1LD
A discussion event for people interested in education and EA and how the two areas intersect.

Discussion: Long Term FutureWhen: Saturday 9th December 4 pm
Where: London TBC
A discussion for people interested in the long term future. Join the group for more info.

Social: EA Animal London Christmas SocialWhen: Thursday 14th December 6.30 pm
Where: Tibits, Heddon Street, W1B 4DA
Come along to Tibits to socialise with friendly, welcoming and altruistic people who are passionate about reducing animal suffering.

Monthly Social: Christmas SocialWhen: Tuesday 19th December 7 pm
Where: The Sir Christopher Hatton, EC1N 7RA
We’re hoping for knitted jumpers, gaudy crackers, ale on tap, bad puns and, most of all, considerations of the most robust, evidence-based ways of making the world a better place.


What Londoners are up to . . . 

•If you’re interested in seeing EA London plans for 2018 and estimates of our impact this year then read our fundraising proposal.

•Henry has created a website with the latest high impact jobs and side projects for effective altruists.

•Aveek writes in the New Statesman about what they learnt from getting a high paying job so they could donate more to charity.

•We have a group for software and tech effective altruists in London to swap career advice, job offers and volunteering projects.

•We’re potentially thinking of setting up a group for people that want to discuss and go into careers in AI safety strategy and policy. If this sounds interesting then email


Latest Jobs, Links and Updates

High impact donation researcher job at Founders Pledge.

Noorah Health are looking for someone to do monitoring and evaluation of health education in India.

•An overview of mental health as a cause area from an effective altruism perspective. With follow up pieces on mindfulness interventions and the impact on quality of life.

•A $2500 essay prize for articles that help with understanding of AI alignment. Deadline 31st December.

Front-end web developer at ACE. Legislation and market research internships at GFI.

•Sentience institute have released 3 new research posts, looking into the lessons for clean meat from nuclear power adoptionpublic attitudes to animal farming and the British anti-slavery movement.

•FHI are looking for an executive assistant to Nick Bostrom. Deadline 14th December.

Programme Manager (Research) job at Deepmind.

•IPA, J-PAL and affiliated organisations are having their annual recruitment drive. Click here to see various roles in global development.

3 roles at NPC who aim to improve charity impact and efficiency.