March 2018 Newsletter

Despite being the shortest month, February seems to have been the busiest for EA job openings, research and 80,000 Hours podcasts. There are over 70 new positions available in different organisations with nearly 30 roles in operations, if you’ve ever thought about optimising something, definitely investigate the links below.

We’re also starting our free coaching service for people who are considering which careers to move into or want to think about how to prioritise their goals over the next year. If you think you could benefit from talking to someone 1-1 about this, click below.

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There are also events about the risks of biotechnology and climate change, a workshop on how to get more involved, talks from the Founders Pledge and the Humane League as well as 3 socials and lots of new updates from the local and global EA community. Scroll down to find out more.



Talk: Founders Pledge – Recruitment Event
When: Monday 5th March 7 pm
Where: Central London
Hear about the recent successes of Founders Pledge and find out if you could work for one of the most impressive initiatives in fundraising for effective charities.

Talk: Inside The Humane League
When: Thursday 8th March 6.30 pm
Where: Room 106, Gordon House, UCL
THL’s UK Managing Director, will share with us their campaigns as well as how their research through Humane League Labs have helped to formulate efficient animal advocacy strategies.

Talk: The Existential Risk of Biotechnology
When: Friday 9th March 7 pm
Where: LSE, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE
This talk will provide an overview of the risks from an increase in the capability and spread of biotechnology including accidental release of pathogens and the intentional misuse of biological weapons.

Social: Effective Education
When: Saturday 10th March 2 pm
Where: Benugo (Warehouse), E1 1LD
A social for people interested in effective education.

Social: Women and Non-Binary People Social
When: Monday 12th March 6 pm
Where: Royal Festival Hall
Get updates about future events from this page here.

Talk: The Existential Risk of Catastrophic Climate Change
When: Tuesday 13th March 6 pm
Where: London TBC
Climate change is a well-known problem and its consequences are already salient today but there’s a risk that temperatures could rise by 10 °C. Three experts talk about how these extreme changes would lead to catastrophic shifts in the ecosystem which may threaten the survival of mankind.

Workshop: Getting (More) Involved in Effective Altruism
When: Thursday 14th March 7 pm
Where: London TBC
This session will explore the various ways that you can apply EA to different areas of your life, including donations and career but also some other important areas that you may not have considered.

Social: Newcomer Social
When: Tuesday 20th March 7 pm
Where: Central London

Our regular monthly social to discuss all things about effectiveness or altruism, and sometimes both.



• A group for people who want to do social activities with others interested in effective altruism, including hiking, bouldering, meditation, painting, etc.

• The talks from EA Global London are now online, featuring quite a few Londoners, including James from GiveWell, Jamie from ACE, Natalie, Seren and Alex talking about clean meat, Michael talking about happiness and Hauke on investing for good (link to article).

• Kirsten has written up the findings of the effective volunteering group, including a framework for individuals on how to find impactful volunteering opportunities.


Latest Jobs

• A Google doc with 28+ operations roles in effective altruism related organisations.

• Open Philanthropy are hiring for 6 roles (California based), including general council, research, operations and grants associate.

• Open Philanthropy also have early-career funding for those considering work or study in averting global catastrophic biological risks. Deadline 15th March, can be in any country.

• CEA has new community building grants of up to $100,000, read more at the link. Deadline March 21st.

• Good Food Institute are hiring for over 20 positions, some remote, as well as many volunteering and intern opportunities.

• ACE with researcher roles and a social media coordinator.

• Three research assistant roles at the Centre for Global Development. Deadline 11th March.

• Research scientist at Deepmind.

• Junior operations manager at New Incentives, a GiveWell-seeded charity.

• Rethink Charity are looking for a project manager/data analyst to carry out this years EA survey.

• Two team manager roles at Wave.

• Accountant position at Segovia, who help to connect people to global payment networks.

• Stay updated with new job openings by signing up to EA Work Club and 80,000 Hours job board.


Latest Research and Updates

• GiveDirectly with a post about ongoing research that shows sustained impact after 3 years.

• EA Global for 2018 will be in London again at the end of October.

• If you have experienced or noticed any problems in the EA community, Julia from CEA is a point person who you can contact.

• How to use a data science career for good.

• Open Philanthropy’s plan to change the world by donating $200 million a year.

• GFI on how clean meat is the most effective way to end animal suffering.

• GFI founder Bruce also has a new TEDx talk on clean meat.

• Nuclear threats and how to get a career in reducing those risks.

• Peter Singer writing about the lack of painkillers in developing countries as a neglected cause area.

• ACE have a new recommended charity fund, a post on what surprised them in 2017 and why charities declined to be reviewed.

• Jacy Reese with a post on why they favour moral circle expansion over AI alignment.

• The new course syllabus and reading list for “The Psychology of Effective Altruism” at the University of New Mexico. The main topics are cause prioritization, utilitarian ethics, moral psychology, charity evaluation, global poverty, existential risks, AI safety, moral & cognitive enhancement, near-term technologies, animal sentience & welfare, and career choices.

• A summary of the reason why various people donated to their chosen organisations in 2017.

• A group for people to discuss bio-security and pandemic risks.

• AI safety research camps proposed for Gran Canaria and Blackpool.

• Raising for Effective Giving with their 2017 overview of which charities the $4 million they raised went to.

• Bill and Melinda Gates with their tenth annual letter, with a very effective and altruistic outlook on life.